About Mayer’s Construction Solutions

Right now, you’re the most important person to us as you view this page to explore how Mayer’s Construction Solutions delivers full-service construction & remodeling services to clients throughout Northeast Florida.

The reason why can best be summed up with company founder Jorden Mayer’s personal philosophy of conducting business: 

Photo of Jorden Mayer, Owner of Mayer’s Construction Solutions, with following quote "We listen to & treat  each client like they’re our only client just as we give our full attention to each project like it’s our only project."

What We Stand For

Jorden Mayer fulfilled a lifelong dream when he founded Mayer’s Construction Solutions after decades working in the industry.

Decades that started with helping his dad carry shingles up on roofs during his childhood. That experience helped form Jorden’s attitude to complete each job right and with pride.  

Upon founding his business, he established a set of standards that would drive his and his team’s approach in helping clients achieve their construction and remodeling vision.

We will listen intently to understand the client’s construction or remodeling vision from the get-go.

We will treat each client as if they were our only client.
We will focus our full attention on each project as if it’s our only project.
We will save clients the hassle of contacting and managing multiple contractors and construction details by handling all aspects of construction projects.
We will leverage decades of hands-on construction experience to fulfill our client’s vision or resolve their property challenges.
We will skillfully plan all aspects of each project from the start to minimize costs and potential challenges.
We will work on each project until it’s right for the client—if the client isn’t proud of our work it’s not finished yet.
We will hire and maintain experienced, professionally-mannered, and attentive home construction team members.
We will ensure all construction team members are properly trained, licensed, and insured.
We will ensure that all worksites are clean, safe, smoke free, and debris free just as we would treat our own homes.

Proud Outcomes


Clients Became Long-Term Repeat Clients


Clients Refer Mayer’s Construction Solutions
to Family & Friends


Clients Become Personal Friends with
Jorden & His Family

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Generations of Taking Pride in Jobs Done Right

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Attention to Quality Craftmanship  

Jorden’s experience working with his father and other family members within the construction industry provided insights on how to approach each job with the client’s vision top-of-mind, how professional conduct influences client’s opinions, and how a focus on quality craftmanship leads to satisfied clients.

 Those insights guide Jorden’s hiring choices for each team member of Mayer’s Construction Solutions.  

Jorden Mayer reviewing project details with Mayer's Construction Solutions crew

Attention to Customer Service  

Mayer’s Construction Solutions goal is to make the construction and remodeling process as simple and pleasant as possible for each client. 

Jorden instills in each construction team members to take an individualized-approach with each project to ensure that the client’s needs and desires are not just met—they’re exceeded.

Mayer's Construction Solutions owner, Jorden Mayer, with his son on a job site

Attention to Earning an Impeccable Reputation  

Today, Jorden continues a generational tradition by frequently bringing his son to work alongside him. Through providing hand-on experience, Jorden passes on lessons he’s learned over a lifetime of constructing and remodeling.

One of the most important lessons: Impeccable reputations are earned by focusing on quality craftmanship, outstanding customer service, strong teamwork, and pride in doing each job right.

And when earned, an impeccable reputation can lead to the best source for new projects—referrals from satisfied clients.  

Our Services

We offer construction services & solutions backed by one of the most skillful & experienced teams in Northeast Florida.

Put Mayer’s Construction Solutions on your project and we’ll handle all the details for you such as employing & managing the right labor, acquiring the right materials at the best cost, getting permits, and disposing debris.

Check out what we can do for you:

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Complete Renovations for Your Dream Home

Enjoy living in a home space renovated & crafted to your style.

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Property Flipping Renovations

Realize an investment home renovated to its maximum earning potential.

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Home Damage Restoration

Restore your home better than before after damage caused by fire, smoke, or water.

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Kitchen Remodels

Take pride cooking & entertaining in a kitchen space that reflects your personal tastes.
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Flooring Projects

Step onto a floor that perfectly matches your style and supports the activities of your home.
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Bathroom & Shower Remodels

Enjoy the comforts of a bathroom that matches the beauty, elegance, style, and functions you desire.
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Trim, Painting, & Carpentry

Enhance the interior and exterior of your home with new colors and woodwork that reflect your style.
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Home Design Guidance

Take advantage of our extensive renovation experience to guide you to styles, colors, and functions that will align your home with your personal vision.